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There are many ways you can #GETAHEAD, one of them is through education, and it doesn't have to be based in the classroom. There are a variety of options available including apprenticeships, short courses, and distance learning.


Are you ready to get a job but have no work experience? Do you need some help with your CV or cover letter? Do you have a criminal record? Or maybe you have some work experience but fancy a change. We will tell you everything you need to know about the working world including self-employment.


There are several programmes to help you #GETAHEAD as a young person. On these programmes you can meet new people, take on challenges, and complete activities, all whilst picking up skills to help you in your future. You will also get a certificate of completion for most of them which will look great with your CV! 


To #GETAHEAD you have to think ahead and a big part of thinking ahead involves money management. You can learn everything about credit scores, saving, investing, managing debt, and much more .


We are GET AHEAD YOUTH. A non-profit organisation providing information, advice, and support to young people aged 16-25, living in London, who are from disadvantaged backgrounds, at risk of social exclusion or who have been socially excluded.

In light of the global pandemic, young people need to know their options now more than ever. Here at GET AHEAD YOUTH, our main purpose is to act as a directory, highlighting the opportunities available to young people to help them succeed throughout their education, employment, careers, and lives regardless of their background or current situation.


We are working very hard to get our new website up and running, and jam-packed with information to help young people GET AHEAD. Sign up and to be the first to know when we launch.




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