GET AHEAD YOUTH - Application For Free Resources

Here at Get Ahead Youth, we work actively to inform young people of all the options available to help them succeed in life. Our main purpose is to act as a directory, connecting youths with organisations and people that can help them get ahead. All youths are welcome to use our services, however, our services are aimed at young people from disadvantaged backgrounds, young people at risk of social exclusion, or young people who have been socially excluded.

  • *A disadvantaged background - Children are considered to be from a disadvantaged background in comparison to others because of low family income, if they are eligible for free school meals, have little or no family support, if they are looked after children or those who have previously looked after by the state, but are now adopted or are subject to a special guardianship order, a child arrangements order or a residence order, or have had lots of school moves all of which have been proven to have a negative impact on progress and attainment when compared to others.

  • *Social exclusion - Being socially excluded is to be excluded from society, or parts of society, as a result of one or more of the following factors: unemployment; financial hardship; youth or old age; ill health (physical or mental); substance abuse or dependency including alcohol and drugs; discrimination on the grounds of sex, race, disability, ethnic origin, religion, belief, creed, sexual orientation or gender reassignment; poor educational or skills attainment; relationship and family breakdown; poor housing (that is housing that does not meet basic habitable standards); crime (either as a victim of a crime or as an offender rehabilitating into society).

Although our services are based online, we understand that not all young people have access to the internet. Therefore if needed, we are able to send a limited amount of hardcopies, and an unlimited amount of downloadable PDF's to educational institutions, organisations, and services who work with young people. If you would like to receive any of our free resources, please complete the form below.